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Links & Associates

Links & Associates

Riding Groups

Arizona Dual Sport Riders ADSR


Arizona Dual Sport Riders ADSR is a VERY active Facebook Group ran by Mike Epps. 

"ADSR is dedicated to promoting dualsport/adv riding in a safe and engaging environment. We aim to provide a positive place for fellow riders to connect and learn while trying to form positive trusting relationships with each other in attempt to grow our group. We also try and discover ways to positively invest into our community and welcome any suggestions on this topic. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of then welcome to ADSR!"

ADSR members are encourage to post pictures, videos, GPS files, questions, ride announcements, maintenance issues, and gear swap.  Most the riders in the group are light to mid weight dual sport bikes with a mix of heavy bikes.  They do organized rides for both light and heavy bikes.  Mike Epps is pretty easy going on the page, just be respectful to others, keep it motorcycle lifestyle & riding related and you won't have any problems him. 

*Ridgeline Gear extends a small discount to it's active members to promote and encourage the lifestyle and hobby. 



AZRATPACK was founded in early 200s and R.A.T. means Riders Association of Triumph.  It used to be comprised of only Triumph motorcycles that met at the George & Dragon Pub in Phoenix.  The large club ended up getting split and segregated by politics and to top it off the Triumph Superstore that initially endorsed the club went out of business. 

Today the club is an AMA Chartered club with Victor Castaneda Jr at the helm.  The group is now a social sport / touring club that focuses on both the social aspects and motorcycles is sponsored by GOAZ.  Victor is good people and what conversation I had with him I think he has a level head for this type of role.  The board members are fantastic and have plenty of riding experience to steer a member in the right direction.  The club uses both Facebook, MeetUp, dedicated web page, and GOAZ will sometimes advertise their riders.  If you are in the Phoenix area and are looking for a group that has a social purpose along with some interesting long rides, please check them out.

AZRATPack Schedule

*Ridgeline Gear extends a small discount to it's active members to promote and encourage the lifestyle and hobby.

Dealers I can Deal With

GOAZ Motorcycles


This is where I buy my motorcycles from.  GOAZ Peoria and Scottsdale are very active in hosting and sponsoring riding groups and activities in the Phoenix hub which I think is AWESOME.  I have attended many functions they have hosted that brought many riders together from all sorts of backgrounds.  Their no nonsense , no artificial BS motorcycles sales fees, and will give you fair business handshake on your motorcycle transaction.  If their staff don't know the answer they will find it for you.  There is one located on west side Phoenix in Peoria and one located in Scottsdale.

 GOAZ West - Peoria (BMW, Triumph, Ducati, and Aprilia)

16844 N Arrowhead Fountain Center Dr

Peoria, AZ 85382

(623) 322-6700

Google Maps

GOAZ - Scottsdale (BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki Honda, KTM, Aprilia, Vespa, and Ural)

15500 N Hayden Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(480) 609-1800

Google Maps

Travel / Overland Forums

Horizons Unlimited

Horizons Unlimited  - Are you into long distance travel, exotic places, and overlanding?  Horizons Unlimited created by world travelers Grant & Susan Johnson in 1997," Grant & Susan are veteran motorcycle travelers - RTW north to south, two up on a 1986 BMW R80 G/S from 1987. We've been to over 50 countries since then, traveling and working all over the world, and we're not finished yet!".  This is an awesome site to gather knowledge, share experiences, and find others who have the same ambition as you.  There are gatherings multiple times a year at various locations.  You don't have to be planning a trip around the world, but maybe you want a little bit more info on Central America or the famous Alaskan ride.

Adventure Rider Forum - ADVRider

screen-shot-2017-06-20-at-4.18.53-pm.png  Where do I begin.  This is forum that allows inmates (riders) to post questions about traveling around the world (passports, visas, carnet, routes, cross boarders), regional rides, specific bike forums (KTM, BMW, Honda, etc..), fleamarket for swapping and selling gear, and pretty anything motorcycle and even non-motorcycle related.  It's considered a database of a wealth of information, pictures, videos, and routes.  I HIGHLY encourage you to create a username and just start reading.  I have to warn you this webpage will take your so called interest and turn it into an addiction and can lead to hours of obsessing over trips, bikes, and travel.  You've been warned.

AdvRider/FB (Facebook Group Page)

Tactical Companies

Lukos Tactical


Lukos Tactical LLC, Based out Columbus, Ohio region provides Firearm Instruction courses for beginners to intermediate. One of the co-founders, Matthew Maruster, a fellow Marine who I served with and who has also served several years in Law Enforcement is now offering his training and experience to clients. I'm a huge advocate of firearms not only for sport shooting, competition, personal defense, but I'm an even bigger advocate of firearms safety. Care, handling, deployment, and retention are backbone attributes of firearms discipline no matter what your objective is. Check them out and if you want to me provide a referral via e-mail or phone about Lukos Tactical, don't hesitate to ask me.



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