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GOAL ZERO Portable Sun Power On The Go

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Here at Ridgeline Gear we are enthusiastic to add a new line of products we feel would be great for outdoor enthusiast, college students,  and techies on the go.  Goal Zero founder Robert Workman made a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2007 and was inspired to help communities empower themselves and grow.  In 2008 Workman created the first portable solar panel prototype for the Congo communities, providing portable power in locations where it was never thought possible.  In 2008, Goal Zero was founded and had been producing products that allowed people to harvest their own portable energy in emergency situations and primitive locations.  Now, several variations of power storage are available, from USB power packs for ultralight hikers to the Yeti 1250 which will run a small cabin.  Through development and refining, Goal Zero has been able to manufacturer products that I feel are very applicable to our technological dependent society and not just for the Congo.

What I absolutely love of about the product line is they took a renewal energy concept and designed it to be in the hands of an everyday user instead of the commercial applications we traditionally envision when we think alternative energy.  With the advancement of technology of cell phones, tablets (iPad,Kindle, etc), DSLR, GoPro, and LED lighting we have made these innovations much apart our life.  We even introduced life saving and critical technologies for outdoor enthusiast such as SPOT, Garmin GPS, and HAM radios.  With all these amazing advancements and dependency, we have ultimately become more dependent on stored energy....a.k.a. batteries.

Is Goal Zero for me?  Well you have to ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you have.  We can associate ourselves to several categories of lifestyles I think describes much of our active culture where Goal Zero would fit in.

College students with their busy lifestyle of studying, researching, and on the go schedule have incorporated tablets, laptops, and cell phones in such way, these once luxury devices have become critical to their every day function.  Many students who travel class to class don't have time to stop and charge their tablet which they take class notes on, research, and send emails.  Students find themselves in study sessions where no power outlets are available whether it's in a busy library or maybe they would prefer to be outside on an amazing day.  Simply hang the Nomad 7 or Nomad 13 from your backpack while you walk on campus and start charging your devices right away.  All the fold-able panels have a zippered mesh pouch that store your device or Goal Zero power pack such as the Switch 8, Venture 30, or Flip products.  Perhaps you can prop up the panel angled towards the sun while you read from your kindle in the park.

Outdoor enthusiast, hikers, campers, hunters, and sportsman alike have their needs also. We love to take a camera or even a good cell phone that has a great camera equipped with us to share our experiences and capture unique moments.  I know when I go hiking I bring a DSLR camera, LED headlamp, GPS, GoPro, and my iPhone for emergencies.  While I enjoy hiking and camping to get away from the busyness you would think I would leave some of these tethering devices behind, but actually they enhance my experience of the outdoors.  Because of Goal Zero, outdoor enthusiast can push their trip further by going on extended hikes where they were limited by battery power of their GPS, cell phone, camera, and lights.  The ability to capture and harness the power of the sun using Goal Zero's fold-able solar panels one can become un-tethered.

The commuter. For those individuals who live in big cities or countries where public transportation is the ideal method of travel Goal Zero can be there for you capture the power you need.  Ride your bike to work?  Just because you get the opportunity exercise shouldn't shun you from having the luxury of charging your device like those who drive to work.  Goal Zero has the Nomad 7 Solar line along with portable power options such as the Switch 8 & 10, Flip 10 & 20, and the Venture 30 for those who need to keep the weight and size down while they traverse through the city on public transportation, walking, or bicycling.  You can simply hang the Nomad 7 on your backpack and let the sun charge your power pack or device while you walk and ride.  

Ridgeline Gear plans to expand its product line of Goal Zero products because it's something I believe it will become a part of are technologically advanced lifystle.  I plan to provide detailed blogs and video reviews in the future on each product line that will educate you on the capabilities of a particular product and what conditions or environments it's ideal for to help make an informed decision.  For the time being if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me at or simply fill out the contact us form.


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